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Electrical maintenance should be considered from the beginning to project the work, not only to ensure the conditions of existing electrical installations.

Consider for a moment that we are projecting an electrical installation for an office, a building or a future home, what considerations should do the project? Undoubtedly would that take account of the concepts of:      

The previous considerations are intended to incorporate the concepts of security of persons, durability of our future power and profitability through minimal maintenance cost installation But... so in practice?, all projects take into account these considerations?, minimum installation is projected thinking of the future owners?, you think about the task of building manager or owner of the apartment, and costs of the expenses , insurance and maintenance?

Although it should, it is not always so. This! Nn suggests the need to include within Stage Project Costs associated with the future conservation of the building or housing.

However, in practice we also find buildings Terminated in Which does not necessarily taken into consideration all the above criteria: However , the building of both overall and in each of its components, should receive UN proper use and maintenance.

This task is the obligation of building managers , maintenance managers , owners consortia and any person responsible for looking after the heritage and safety of persons.

It is necessary that both users and owners know the needs , obligations and duties of use and maintenance of the building. Do not forget that a fault in an apartment with poor maintenance can affect other floors with proper maintenance.

What is sought is clearly the durability of facilities and reduction of maintenance costs and / or future refurbishment works, so it is very important task of professional advice you should hire the owner and administrator of the building.

To this end, every owner or manager must know or seek advice on the conditions of the electrical system that has its property and should also be informed that maintenance is performed and performing the rest of the owners.

This is achieved through a technical audit, conducted by professionals to determine the operating conditions of the building, and the development of a diagnostic document that allows the building management as a whole to inform the executive committee or consortium of owners the potential losses that may arise and the provisions in the short and medium term.

The negligence of the owners regarding the use, maintenance and upkeep of their buildings at its height in respect to the common elements of the building, since they usually think that, while not affecting them directly, is not your problem. Some carefully guard their floors and the rest of the floors look like they will have an accident at any time.

Maintain, conserve and properly use the buildings for durability, livability, appearance, safety and the proper functioning of the various elements and facilities is a social necessity.

All electrical installations designers should be aware of when considering the design premises also it is work of a building administrator instill these elementary notions in the co-owners.

Verification of the electrical system in a building should be frequent, because it is exposed to constant changes in their consumption: installation of air conditioning equipment or new equipment of various kinds, incorporation of new jobs, remodeling flats by change of ownership, etc.

With the above we seek to raise awareness not only in the electricity field, but in all types of facilities; moreover, on the one hand, among professional designers, whatever their job; and secondly, between building managers, maintenance managers and any other person who has responsibility for a building, without forgetting the tenants.

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